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High court approves further €1m settlement for girl (11) with cerebral palsy

Ruby has Diskinetic cerebral palsy and will require lifelong care. She was granted a further 1 million interim settlement on Friday 23rd February.

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In 2014, the High Court approved a settlement including an interim payment of €1.45m to cover care to 2018. Ruby has Diskinetic cerebral palsy as a result of her mother not being referred to hospital with symptoms of pre-eclampsia, it was claimed. Ruby’s mother had high blood pressure towards the end of her pregnancy and she should have been referred to hospital. In the run up to the due date of Ruby, it was claimed Chrissie was extremely pale, developed swelling around her face and ankles.

Through her mother, Ruby, of Foxwood, Gleneely, Co Donegal, sued the HSE in relation to the care Ms McDaid received towards the end of her pregnancy in 2006.  It’s claimed there were failures to diagnose and treat pre-eclampsia at the earliest reasonable opportunity and to have her admitted to hospital to have her high blood pressure properly managed.

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