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Landowners and farmers in line for €100m payout from ESB over electricity poles

Landowners and farmers in line for €100m payout from ESB over electricity poles.

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ESB worker Shane McGowan works on a telegraph pole in the area of Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo. 

Most landowners and farmers are not aware they are entitled to compensation as a result of electricity poles being erected on land, it has been claimed.

The ESB could be facing payouts of upwards of €100m in compensation as up to 2,000 landowners could potentially take a case for compensation over existing and planned power lines, said Lars McKenna from Land and Utility Compensation Consultants Ltd.

Mr McKenna stated he has settled over 12 claims for landowners with the ESB so far for an average payment of close to €70,000.

He said when the ESB enters to build a new electricity line it acquires rights over the land for which compensation can be claimed by the landowner. Mr McKenna said claims can be made to the ESB “under a statutory process which allows for independent arbitration” of the claim if agreement is not reached with the ESB.

He said for larger electricity lines on poles or pylons the compensation claims can run into tens of thousands of euro.

A spokesman for the ESB stated: “As there is ongoing litigation pending on these matters ESB is not in a position to comment at this time.”

It comes as farmers who have ESB pylons on their land have been offered up to €12,000 per pylon by ESB Networks to carry out “uprating” works on their property.

The amount that’s currently on the table is far in excess of the €250 initially offered in compensation after some farmers objected to them going onto their land.

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