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Hotel worker awarded €77k after cutting his hand while clearing receipts.

Hotel worker awarded €77k after cutting his hand while clearing receipts.

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Adam Conway pictured leaving the Four Courts after he was awarded €77,000 damages Pic: Collins Courts

A hotel worker who cut his hand on a piece of glass while gathering up till receipts was awarded over €77,000 by the High Court.

Ms Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon said Adam Conway, 23, suffered a fairly serious injury and has been left with a zig zag scar on his left ring finger.  He also now had a decreased grip on his left hand as a result of the accident, she said.

Mr Conway, Fairyhill, Bray, Co Wicklow, sued Mageiteagain Ltd (in liquidation), of  Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin, who were the owners at the time of the Royal Hotel & Merrill Leisure Club, Main Street, Bray , Co Wickow.

The accident occurred  in the first half hour of the New Year’s Day 2014 in the hotel’s Ballroom Bar. Mr Conway, who was an assistant duty manager at the time, was directed to tidy items from around the cash register at the bar.

Unfortunately, the judge said, a piece of glass was tucked between the receipts and Mr Conway suffered a deep cut to  the left ring finger. He was taken to hospital and later had to have surgery.

Mr Conway claimed  there was a failure to have a safe system of work in or about the disposal of broken glass and till receipts and that a hazard or trap had been created at the cash register.

The case was undefended.

The court heard that Mr Conway will become one of the preferential creditors in the liquidation of the defendant company.

In evidence, Mr Conway said he missed his third level exams the following spring as he is left hand-dominant and he could not write. He was three months off work and also has pain if he has to carry heavy items.

Ms Justice O’Hanlon awarded €75,000 in general damages and €2,491 in special damages.


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